The Suspension Story:

I have enjoyed Airboating since 1973.  At the age of 19 I had saved enough money to buy a 125hp ground unit on a narrow 4' wide by 11' long metal hull with galvanized bottom.  When my brother and I rode across a deep canal we looked like two cats in a bucket.

Over the years I have enjoyed Airboating and have built several boats for friends and family.  In 1990 I had a head on collision and hyper extended my neck (not good), but I thank the good Lord it wasn't worse.  As the years passed it became more difficult for me to ride over a half of a day or so.  The motor vibration and jarring would cause me to have migraines.  So I had to pack it in before I was done having fun.


Giving up boating was not an option, so in 2004 I sold my old boat and designed a more comfortable ride by engineering a suspension system.  My brother Mark suggested that since I was in the new product business, that we should patent and sell the suspension kits.  After much research and development and buying direct from factories we are able to present to the market a complete suspension kit.  Since we are sourcing our parts from the manufacturer we are able to sell a complete kit at a very affordable price.

The Ride That YOU Control
(Patent Pending)

Introductory Price ONLY $550.00  
All parts come with a one year replacement warranty

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(Dealer Pricing Available)


  • Our patent pending design will provide a more comfortable ride in choppy lakes, or "running the hill".
  • Reduced engine vibration transferred to passengers.
  • The weight of passengers and seat rigging is not transferred to the bottom of the boat.  This will greatly reduce the wear and tear on your hull and rigging in your boat.
  • Your boat will dry load on the trailer easier.
  • Instead of plowing through obstacles like wiregrass, saw grass, and ditch banks the shocks will let the front of your boat jump up and over, allowing your boat to push easier.
  • 1- set 1100lb rated air shocks and air pump (Designed for Airboats)
  • Gauge
  • Switch
  • Deflate valve
  • Air lines & fittings
  • Shock brackets
  • Seat structure swivel brackets
  • Bushings & D.O.M. steel bushing tubes
  • All stainless steel mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, wash. etc).
  • All parts come with a one year replacement warranty.
  • Total kit weight = less than 20lbs.